Protect Your Agricultural Machinery With Firetrace

Modern agricultural machinery is both highly advanced and highly valuable.

The loss of a machine even for a short period of time can be very costly and may involve the need for additional labour and large hire expenses.

Fire is an ever present risk for these machines and not only can it severely damage equipment but can also pose a threat to the operators, the crop and to other nearby vehicles. The risk can be even greater when working in confined areas like poly-tunnels, barns or grain stores where fire can spread rapidly and egress is not always straight forward.

With machinery operators in modern air conditioned cabs it is not always easy to quickly spot a problem and once a fire has become established it can be very difficult or impossible to control using hand held extinguishers.

Combine Harvester With Firetrace Automatic Fire Suppression

The Firetrace Solution

Firetrace has a range of Automatic Fire Suppression Systems ideal for protecting most types of small farm machinery.
Firetrace detection tubing is installed throughout the risk area. This tubing can not only quickly and accurately detect a fire but also suppress it before it can damage adjacent components.
The Firetrace systems do not need complex electronic detectors or panels and operate simply using pneumatics.
This alleviates the need for separate power supplies or battery backups and also makes the entire system fail safe with minimal moving parts.
CLAAS machinery with Firetrace Automatic Fire Suppression Installed

So how does it work?

Firetrace systems use the patented linear detection tubing which is connected to the cylinder valve.
The tubing is then charged with nitrogen and this pressure is utilised to hold back the extinguishant in the cylinder. Should a high temperature or fire occur then the pressurised tubing will burst and the extinguishant will be deployed directly from the burst hole onto the fire.
On larger applications when the tube ruptures the extinguishant is rapidly discharged directly on to the fire via dedicated plumbed diffusers. 

A switch can also be added to the system and is held closed by the pressure. Should the tubing burst or the pressure be lost for any reason then the switch will open and this signal can be used to isolate the power and/or raise an alarm.

Why Choose Firetrace?

Firetrace offer affordable fire suppression systems to protect engine bays, hydraulic systems and electrical components on agricultural machinery. The Firetrace system reacts quickly, minimising expensive damage and downtime by not only detecting the fire but putting it out where it starts.

The Firetrace systems use small amounts of extinguishant and can be fitted in a convenient location on the farm machinery. The systems can be easily retrofitted to existing equipment providing a cost effective solution.

We have more than two decades of experience in the industry and offer a full after sales and installation service. Our fire extinguishing systems all carry the CE kite mark and meet ISO 9001:2015 quality standards. Not only this, but Firetrace ® systems also benefit from being accepted by some of the biggest names in the UK insurance industry.

Example of Firetrace Automatic Fire Suppression Installation

"This is a job really well done" - Firetrace Complete Fume Cupboard Installation Project

The success of any Firetrace automatic fire suppression system installation is measured not only by its effectiveness but also by customer satisfaction. Firetrace's team of skilled and knowledgeable engineers consistently exceed expectations, earning praise from satisfied customers.

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How We Deliver

Our fire suppression system design and technical team have many years experience in designing systems to suit specific applications.

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“We have Firetrace Fire Suppression Systems on several items of equipment and are very satisfied with the support and service they provide."  – Claydon Skip Hire