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Cooking Oil Fires

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RoSPA statistics show that 75% of house fires start in the kitchen and 7000 people are injured in this type of fire each year. 20% of house fires attended by UK Fire and Rescue Services annually start with frying.
Statistics show that fires involving cooking oil are still causing injury despite changing trends in cooking practices. With the advent of modern open plan living, kitchens can often form part of a dwelling’s Fire Escape Route.

Building Guidance B1 states;
"The Routes are sufficiently protected from fire where necessary.”

The Firetrace® Solution

Firetrace® has Fryertrace®, an automatic kitchen fire suppression system as a solution to the problem.

The small self contained pneumatic system requires no external power source and can be installed within an adjacent cupboard or directly inside a suitable extractor hood.

The low Ph saponification fluid, which is specifically design to fight fat fires, creates a crust on top of the burning fat to starve the fire of oxygen. A pressure switch senses the discharge and is utilized to cut the power to the cooking appliance.

So how does it work?

Our systems use our specially developed detection tubing linked to the cylinder valve, running through the whole of the area to be protected. In order to keep the extinguishant within the cylinder, pressure is created by using nitrogen to charge the tubing.

Should a fire occur the pressurised tubing will burst and the extinguishant will be deployed from the fixed diffusers onto the fire.

Different types of extinguishant are used for different types of fire (electrical, oil etc). The Fryertrace® kitchen fire suppression system uses an extinguishing agent which, in combination with the hot oil/fat, will start a chemical reaction known as Saponification.

This creates a thick “foam” like blanket which separates the oxygen from the fuel and cools the surface.

Advantages of Firetrace®?

A specially developed wet chemical is used to guard against fire risk to fat fryers. The Fryertrace® system has been designed to detect fire swiftly and put it out right away, thus avoiding damage, with all the associated costs, and helping to keep your equipment in use.

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Fryertrace® is ideal for areas where multiple small cooking areas are present such as student accommodation and studio flats etc.

The Fryertrace® systems use small amounts of extinguishant and can be located in an adjacent cupboard or a suitable extract hood.

If you are looking to add safety measures for cooking equipment after installation, you may be worried that detectors will be difficult to fit. However, Fryertrace® is simple to install in this situation, as it does not involve the need for electronic systems.

Firetrace® both designs and installs the suppression systems, which are CE marked and conform to the ISO 9001:2008 standard, as well as being approved by most leading insurance companies. We also provide full service following installation.

You can rely on our expertise, as we have more than two decades of experience in the industry.
We can also provide fully documented examples of incidents where our systems have enabled fires to be put out quickly, with only minor damage, or in some cases none at all.