Items of plant are not only expensive but invariably crucial for completing specific business critical tasks. A fire in a machine can prove costly and leave you unable to effectively operate whilst awaiting a replacement. In addition to the potential cost of repairing or replacing fire damaged plant there is also a risk to the surroundings. It is not unusual for plant to work within relatively confined surroundings or in close proximity to buildings.

There is also a risk to personnel especially when working in confined spaces or extreme environments.

Fortunately, Firetrace® has the answer with simple flexible heavy equipment fire suppression systems suitable for protecting all types of plant & machinery from the ever present risk of fire.

The systems are available in a variety of configurations and with a choice of extinguishants ideal for protecting diesel, petrol & LPG machines.

Special non-conductive liquefied gases are also available for the protection of both the batteries & the chargers associated with electric powered vehicles.

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Firetrace® has a range ofAutomatic Fire Suppression Systems ideal for protecting all types of large plant and machinery. The area to be protected is fitted with our patented Firetrace detection tubing and connected to a cylinder containing an extinguishant. 

Our systems use simple pneumatic mechanisms, with no complex electronic sensors.

This alleviates the need for separate power supplies or battery backups and also makes the entire system fail safe with minimal moving parts.

So how does it work?

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Once the detection tubing is installed, it is pressurised with nitrogen, which has the effect of holding the extinguishant safely inside the cylinder.

Should a high temperature or fire occur then the pressurised tubing will burst and the extinguishant will be deployed directly from the burst hole onto the fire.

On larger applications when the tube ruptures the extinguishant is rapidly discharged directly on to the fire via dedicated plumbed diffusers.

A switch can also be added to the system and is held closed by the pressure.

Should the tubing burst or the pressure be lost for any reason then the switch will open and this signal can be used to isolate the power and/or raise an alarm

Why Firetrace® is the Right Choice?

Firetrace® is an affordable fire suppression systems for heavy equipment, designed to protect engine bays, hydraulic systems and electrical panels on machinery.

You can be confident of our system's quality, since it is certified to meet the ISO 9001:2008 standard and also carries the CE mark. We have details of various cases where our systems have quickly reacted to fire and put it out at the source, saving expensive equipment from being damaged and put out of action.

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Using only small quantities of extinguishant, without complicated ielectronic components, Firetrace® heavy equipment fire suppression systems can be fitted in convenient locations on the plant or machinery. This includes retrofitting for equipment currently in use.

If you would like advice on how to safeguard your workplace against fire, we offer a full design service, as well as installing suppression systems and servicing them afterwards. Our systems are recognised by most of the UK's major insurance companies.