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Vehicles can be very expensive assets, particularly those that have been restored or specially modified.

An engine fire could prove catastrophic, not only damaging the vehicle beyond repair, but also potentially placing you and your passengers at risk.

Maybe your vehicle is vital in keeping your business running or essential for your transportation.

An engine fire could leave you stranded or have a severe adverse effect on your business.

Firetrace offers a cost-effective solution!

Why Firetrace®?


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Firetrace® has a vehicle fire suppression system ideal for protecting motor engine compartments.

Designed without the use of expensive electronics, the system instead works via pressure, making it much simpler to operate.

The first stage is to install our unique detection tubing throughout the engine compartment. Once installed, it will react to any sign of fire with speed and accuracy, and act to put it out before there is any risk of it spreading to other parts of the engine.

This system does not require separate power backups and also has the minimum of moving parts, resulting in a highly reliable system.

Using a Direct Low Pressure Powder or the optional Low Pressure Gas, Firetrace® systems are easy to install and come complete with all the fixings required and fitting instructions.

Or, for a nominal fee, we can fit it for you at our facilities in Ipswich or a location convenient to you.

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The Firetrace® vehicle fire suppression system uses patented linear detection tubing which is fitted throughout the engine bay and connected to the cylinder valve. After compressed air or nitrogen has been used to charge the tubing, the extinguishant is then kept within the chamber for as long as the tubing stays intact.

Should a high temperature or fire occur then the pressurised tubing will burst and the extinguishant will be deployed directly from the burst hole onto the fire. This means the extinguishant is always discharged exactly in the right location.

As an additional feature, there is an option to include a switch which will be kept under pressure and thus held shut. If there is a loss of pressure, for whatever reason, or if the tubing breaks, then the switch would be opened and give a signal. This feature can provide a way of isolating the power or sounding an alarm, or both functions combined.

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Firetrace® Top Quality Protection?

Whether your vehicle is your pride and joy or a workhorse, you want to guard it from the risk of fire. Our suppression systems are a cost-effective way of achieving this.

Fast detection is the key, as Firetrace® detects fire quickly and extinguishes it at the point where it has started, using only small volumes of active ingredients. Our cylinders are mounted under the bonnet, and work via a robust design which does not involve the complication of electronic systems. This also helps to make retrofitting simple to carry out.

Manufactured to meet all the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, our systems have the backing of most top insurance firms.
We have extensive experience, having worked in the fire industry for many years, and offer a full package of services including installation, design and post-sales maintenance.

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