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Pyroflex Automatic Fire Suppression System


Suitable for use in small volume enclosures such as mailboxes.

This totally new concept in miniaturised automatic fire suppression employs the well proven principle of Firetrace  linear detection which ruptures when exposed to fire.
The Pyroflex consists of a sealed thermoplastic tube filled with liquid extinguishant gas.
The tube, when fitted within equipment to be protected, will in the event of fire soften and burst at its hottest point releasing the extinguishant gas directly into the heart of the fire.
Standard Pyroflex tubes are filled with Dupont FE25. They operate @ 70°c and should not be stored above 50°c.Pyroflex is only suitable for non-ventilated enclosures not exceeding 1.0m³. Minimum design length 10m per m³. To estimate the amount of Pyroflex required multiply the volume to be protected in m³ by the length of tube, as shown below:-

8mm Pyroflex (25 metres required to protect 1m³)

12.5mm Pyroflex (10 metres required to protect 1m³)


Firetrace's Pyroflex Product For Mailboxes

"This is a job really well done" - Firetrace Complete Fume Cupboard Installation Project

The success of any Firetrace automatic fire suppression system installation is measured not only by its effectiveness but also by customer satisfaction. Firetrace's team of skilled and knowledgeable engineers consistently exceed expectations, earning praise from satisfied customers.

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How We Deliver

Our fire suppression system design and technical team have many years experience in designing systems to suit specific applications.

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“Firetrace fire suppression system in my opinion is a no brainer piece of kit. Firetrace offers value for money, knowledge, great after sales service and are all round nice people." - VW Campervan installation