Wheelchair accessible vehicles bring independence to many disabled people, but it is important to guard against the risk of fire. This is even more critical for WAVs than for other cars or vans, because it is likely to take longer for a disabled driver or passenger to get out in the event of a fire. Expert fire suppression system installers Firetrace Ltd can provide vital protection for your vehicle and give you peace of mind.
Our automatic fire extinguishing systems will prevent an engine fire from developing, so that you have time to get out safely. We can ensure that any blaze in this area is tackled as soon as it starts, without being allowed to grow or take hold.

Fire Safety for WAVs  

It’s estimated that there are around two million registered disabled drivers in the UK. There are various different types of wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) in use nationally. Some WAVS are adapted for drivers, either allowing you to transfer to a seat or to drive straight from your wheelchair. Others are designed to carry disabled passengers. These vehicles have become increasingly popular over recent years, because of the freedom they give, helping disabled people to work and lead active social lives.
Safety is of key importance for anybody using a WAV, and there are various adaptations and controls which can be used to make the car safer to use. Fire safety is a vital aspect of this which must not be overlooked. 
If you are a disabled driver and notice a warning light on your dashboard, it will take time to get out of the car, so disabled charities and motoring organisations say it is often advisable to fit an automatic vehicle fire suppression system, taking away this worry.
There are more than 23,000 vehicle fires in the UK annually, including 13,000-plus accidental fires, with many starting in the engine bay. This type of blaze can spread quickly and could cause an explosion if it is not suppressed immediately. The greatest danger is, of course, that this could endanger people within the vehicle, both drivers and passengers. But a fire could also lead to the vehicle being badly damaged, possibly beyond repair. 
WAVs are a transport lifeline for many people, who can be left feeling stranded if a vehicle is off the road for any length of time. This is one important reason for installing fire suppression technology. It’s also worth considering that WAVs tend to be more expensive to replace than other vehicles.

Why Install Firetrace in Your WAV? 

If you are a disabled driver, you won’t easily be able to get out in the event of a fire and use a traditional fire extinguisher to tackle it. Equally, if you are not disabled yourself but have a passenger with disabilities, you will need to concentrate on getting them out in the first instance. Therefore, in either case, it is useful to have automatic fire protection installed which will extinguish fires immediately.
Firetrace detection tubing has advantages as fire suppression for disabled vehicles because of its speedy reaction. It protects the components of a motor engine effectively without having to rely on complex electronics or back-up power systems which might be damaged or cut out in the case of a fire. Instead, our systems work via pressure, with active ingredients contained within the tubing and released at the first sign of fire, going straight to the source of the heat.  
This product is already being used in many vehicles for people with disabilities, both in the UK and around the world because of its reliability and cost-effectiveness. If you are looking for fire suppression system installers to protect your wheelchair access vehicle, our experienced team of engineers can help.