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The Loss Prevention Certification Board has certified Firetrace’s direct low pressure NOVEC 1230 system for the new LPCB Standard LPS1666.  The new standard was developed to verify the performance of direct pneumatic tube based suppression systems and to confirm to potential customers that they are manufactured by an ISO 9001: 2015 approved manufacturer. 

 Occasionally we get involved in unusual projects and this certainly is one of them. Recently we were asked to fit a vehicle fire suppression system to an old Nissan Micra which is currently being driven across Europe and Asia by two daring lads. 

Many domestic fires in England are caused by common household appliances such as tumble dryers, washing machines, dishwashers and fridges malfunctioning. These fires could easily be avoided by fitting Firetrace’s automatic fire suppression system.

Firetrace Ltd is proud to announce that they are the first UK valve manufactured fire suppression system company to have met the requirements to be certified in the new LPCB Standard, LPS1666 for their direct low pressure Novec1230 system.

Find out how Firetrace’s Automatic Fire Suppression system saved a fume cabinet and its surroundings.