Success Stories

This was one of our most unusual requests yet – installing automatic fire protection in a miniature submarine in Plymouth, Devon.

The Problem

In 2004 Marlin Submarines needed an automatic fire suppression system that was suitable for the engine compartment of their state-of the-art miniature six-man submarine. During this time, design engineer Richard Dawson had phoned several fire-engineering companies without success.

Fortunately, one of these firms suggested they contact Firetrace…and adding the engineers at the Ipswich company enjoy a challenge.

We certainly do and our team was happy to take up the gauntlet!

The Challenge

The difficulty in this case was that the submarine can dive to 1,000ft. Also, the engine and crew compartments share the same atmosphere in the high pressure unit. So, in this case it obviously wasn’t safe to use any form of gas extinguishant.

So we needed to find an alternative…..

The Solution

As the air is filtered the solution was dry powder, and a standard DLP Firetrace system was ideal.

Dave Melton, director of Firetrace, said; “The automatic fire protection system was completely self-contained, so it doesn’t need any electrical power or any moving parts. It is low tech, but it’s an extremely reliable extinguisher system so it won’t be affected by its complex, changing environment.

“This proved once again that if the question is complicated, the answer could be simple,” he said.

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