Success Stories

Learn how Firetrace’s automatic fire protection systems helped prevent two major laboratory fires at Southampton University.

In just one month two fires broke out at a Southampton University laboratory when hot plates twice overheated causing a solvent fire.                                         

How Firetrace Helped

These incidents happened in 2005 and in both cases, the laboratory fume cabinets were protected by Firetrace systems. In one case a laboratory assistant witnessed the incident. However, he reported that when he returned, just seconds later with a hand extinguisher, the fire was already out.
Laboratory Manager Dr. Kinnison said "Thanks to the quick reaction of our Firetrace automatic fire protection systems damage was limited to a few components and a bit of a spring clean. 
“Had the fire spread into our extract ducting, we could have lost the entire laboratory.”
Fortunately the university had all the right safety measures in place which averted two potential disasters.

About Southampton University 

Award-winning Southampton University, which has its origins in the 19th century, has a prestigious global reputation – it ranks among the top 1 per cent of universities worldwide.                                                                                                                                   
However, despite its long-running roots, Southampton didn’t receive university status until 1952, when it was presented with a Royal Charter from Queen Elizabeth II. Six faculties were established at the time, including the Science wing. And, degrees were presented the following year. 
Now the research intensive university has seven campuses and 23,000 students, including undergraduates and post graduates.