Success Stories

Find out about how Firetrace UK’s automatic fire extinguishing unit prevented damage to a machine after a machine caught fire at plastic pipe manufacturer Wavin.

Firetrace’s Installation

A Firetrace engineer was called to install an automatic system at the Wavin factory in 2009. It was fitted to the Ona D360 EDM machine and was designed to activate if, for any reason, the 600 litres of dielectric in the machine caught alight. 

The Blaze

The same year the system was installed a fire occurred in the early hours of the morning, at 4 am. However, just as it was intended, the Firetrace unit immediately discharged when the dielectric suddenly dropped below the work head, igniting the dielectric. An operator was nearby at the time; however, a company spokesperson said he could easily have been on another job elsewhere in the factory, as the machine is designed to run without supervision.

How Firetrace Helped

The operator said the unit detected the fire within a few seconds and the flames were extinguished instantly. The speed it took for the unit to work helped prevent any damage to the machine and to the surrounding area in the factory. Not only this but the automatic fire extinguishing unit successfully electrically isolated the machine to prevent it from operating and igniting again. 
In a letter to Firetrace, a spokesperson for Wavin praised us for our automatic fire prevention system, adding: “I would also like to thank you for the speed at which you have arranged to send out an engineer to refill the unit and change any parts that will require replacing.”
This letter said the unit’s swift action meant that the factory only experienced minimal down time on this machine.