Success Stories

In August 2021, Firetrace Ltd were contacted due to a Firetrace system discharging at a University in the South West, UK.


During an experiment in a university laboratory fume cabinet, the Firetrace Automatic Fire Suppression system activated successfully due to fire. Firetrace Ltd were then contacted to resolve the issue.


Fortunately, Firetrace attended shortly after the event to install a replacement Firetrace Automatic fire suppression system to ensure the fume cupboard was protected for future use.

“A post graduate research students managed to create a uncontrolled reaction which resulted in an significant explosion in one of the fume cupboards.

The firetrace system was automatically activated and was able to extinguish the flames and prevent serious damage within seconds. This prevented significant damage to both equipment and personnel.

I cannot recommend firetrace highly enough as an effective means to for keeping fume cupboards safe and operational.”  - Laboratory Building Service Engineer

Conveniently, there was no need for the emergency services to be contacted and the downtime of the laboratory was minimal causing no damage to the fume cabinet contents. Similarly, the Firetrace system was replaced rapidly for the customer’s safety and operations.

Another great success for Firetrace! 

For more information on fire protection for fume cupboards and laboratories please contact us on 01473 744090.