Success Stories

Find out about how Firetrace UK’s automatic fire suppression system prevented damage to a cnc machine after a catching fire.



Nottinghamshire based cnc sliding head specialists contacted Firetrace Limited following activation of their Firetrace automatic fire suppression system. 



Installed with a 9kg Indirect Carbon Dioxide Firetrace automatic fire suppression system plus the optional extra Tracetrace monitoring system since August 2019, the CNC machine caught fire outside of working hours. Extinguishing the fire in less than 5 seconds and isolating the machine to prevent reignition, it was crucial downtime of the business was kept to a minimum. Attending the next working day, manufacturing operations were back to normal with the Director commenting “Put simply, without the Firetrace unit installed this would have been a devastating incident.”


 Here at Firetrace we a grateful for the above response and use of CCTV footage proving our automatic fire suppression system! 

For more information regarding the Firetrace system for CNC Machinery, please contact us, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 01473744090.