Success Stories

Firetrace Automatic Fire Suppression System saves an electrical panel at a manufacturing plant in the North East of England.

Find out how Firetrace’s Automatic Fire Suppression system saved a Machine Control Panel.



Installed in 2014 by BMS Electrical Services Ltd of Sunderland, the precautionary Firetrace system was installed to provide protection to some sophisticated control panels bespoke to the Manufacturer’s operation, in the hope it would never be needed. Unfortunately, only one year later, Firetrace Ltd were contacted on 1st December 2015 to be informed that one of BMS’s Firetrace Systems had deployed the night before successfully extinguishing a small fire in an Electrical panel in the North East.



BMS Electrical Services who distribute, install and service Firetrace Automatic Fire Suppression Systems and provide bespoke Automation Interfaces contacted the Ipswich based Firetrace team to explain the situation who promptly sent another Firetrace Cylinder to them on a next day service to ensure the system could be immediately repaired and re-charged to re-instate the Panel Protection.



The Firetrace system activated in result of a component failure, which overheated and caught fire concluding in the system discharging in textbook fashion to extinguish the fire at source causing minimal damage to the machine. 

The power supply to the machine was automatically turned off via the Interface that BMS Installed, thereby isolating the source of ignition into the panel. During this incident, there was no need to call the fire brigade. In addition, there was no damage to the machine or the rest of the adjacent components in the control panel. Our aim was to keep the downtime of the machine to a minimum as we understood it is a vital piece of equipment for the customers operations.

Luckily, BMS were able to attend site the next day and reinstall the Firetrace automatic fire suppression system, so the machine could continue operating.


Another success for Firetrace & BMS!

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