Success Stories

Find out how Firetrace’s Automatic Fire Suppression system saved a full electric vehicle.

Why Firetrace Were Contacted

On 19th October 2016, our partners at Forman Vehicle Services were contacted regarding a discharged Fire Suppression system on a single deck vehicle in London. The overall feedback from the owner of the vehicle was that they were pleased to have installed the precautionary Fire Suppression System in August 2016 as it deployed successfully extinguishing a small fire in the engine area.

The Solution

Forman Vehicle Services, a supplier to the vehicle industry of a vehicle management system including a Fire Suppression System contacted the Ipswich based Firetrace team to notify them of the situation. Immediately, Forman Vehicle Services attended the vehicle in London to install a replacement Fire Suppression System to ensure the vehicle was protected for future use.

How The Fire Suppression System Helped

The Firetrace System activated due to a small fire causing the pressurised tubing to burst at point of contact effectively extinguishing the fire at source causing no damage to the vehicle.
Conveniently, there was no need for the emergency services to be contacted and the downtime of the vehicle was minimal as the system was replaced rapidly for the customer’s safety and operations.

Another success for Firetrace!

For more information on Forman Vehicle Services please contact Scott Forman on 01642 713530.