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  • " We Cannot Praise Firetrace Enough"

    Following activation of their Automatic Fire Suppression System after a fire on the lathe of their CNC machine, Senior Development Engineer of Armeg Limited contacted Firetrace Limited to resolve as soon as possible.

  • "Without the Firetrace unit installed this would have been a devastating incident"

    Find out about how Firetrace UK’s automatic fire suppression system prevented damage to a cnc machine after a catching fire.

  • Bristol based business over the moon with Firetrace.

    July 3rd, Firetrace were notified of a discharged system at an established manufacturing business based in Bristol.

  • Firetrace supports Citizen’s first open house in the Midlands.

    Over three days in May, Citizen Machinery based in Brierley Hill, Birmingham hosted their first ever open event at their new Midlands premises. Many CNC operators and subcontractors were invited from all around the UK resulting in a record number of more than 300 attendees. 
  • West Midlands Company escaped disaster with Firetrace.

    Firetrace’s Automatic Fire Suppression system saved a precision turned parts manufacturer in Ludlow.


    In January 2018 Firetrace installed an Automatic Fire Suppression System to a CNC machine for protection whilst working unattended. However, only two months later Firetrace were contacted after a member of staff had witnessed the system deploy and machine shutdown.

  • Firetrace Return From MACH 2018

    Ipswich based manufacturer Firetrace Ltd positively speaks upon their return from the 2018 MACH exhibition at Birmingham NEC. With a dedicated stand to automatic fire suppression systems, Firetrace also showcased their systems live on various machinery on STAR Micronics GB Stand.

  • Firetrace Returns to Mach 2018 To Showcase Its Cutting Edge Fire Suppression Systems

    The Firetrace team are excited to be attending MACH 2018 exhibition from 9th-13th April at the NEC in Birmingham.

  • Firetrace Automatic Fire Suppression System saves CNC Machine in Republic of Ireland.

     Find out how Firetrace’s Automatic Fire Suppression system saved a manufacturing business and supplier to pharmaceutical industry from fire.

  • The Importance of Installing Automatic Fire protection to CNC Machines

    Fire protection of CNC, EDM and CAM machines is vital as there are many ways in which unwanted heat can be created during operation. Heavily used CNC and CAM machinery that are left unattended are particularly vulnerable as flammable lubricants and coolants increase the risk of fire.

  • Major Damage to CNC Machines Averted by Firetrace System

    We recently received a few interesting photos from our Danish distributor Dania Brandteknik,of burnt out, broken cutting tools from CNC machines, that caused machine fires. The tools were from sliding head CNC lathes.

  • We Set Fire To Our CNC Machine!

    Firetrace Limited have been busy creating their newest video upload on Youtube.

  • Fire Suppression Systems – Boosting Safety in Factories

    The growth in the use of machinery for all kinds of processes has brought great benefits in terms of productivity, cost savings and efficiency. However, it also brings with it safety risks including those of a machine catching fire, or – in more extreme cases – an explosion. Fitting fire suppression systems is a responsible approach taken by employers who want to ensure the safe operation of factory or agricultural machinery and to reduce fire risks as much as possible.
  • Firetrace Praised for its Rapid Response in a Factory Blaze

    Find out about how Firetrace UK’s automatic fire extinguishing unit prevented damage to a machine after a machine caught fire at plastic pipe manufacturer Wavin.
  • The Tale of Three Fires in Three Years and Firetrace

    In this article Dowding Precision, East Midlands, reveals in their own words how Firetrace’s fire suppression system helped prevent a blaze.

  • Essex Engineering Company Escapes a Major Disaster Thanks to Firetrace

    See how Firetrace’s automatic fire extinguishing system averted a major disaster at Essex based precision engineering company C&M Precision.
  • Automatic Fire Suppression System Saves Suffolk Factory

    Automatic Fire Suppression System Saves Machine at a Suffolk Factory

    Find out how Firetrace’s automatic fire suppression system saved a £60,000 machine at manufacturing firm AMOT in Suffolk.