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  • Alive & V-Dubbin 2017

    Being held on 9th – 11th June at Haughley Park, Ipswich, Firetrace are pleased to announce their sponsorship of Alive & V-Dubbin show.

  • Fire Protection for Airports

    In December 2017 the world’s busiest airport Atlanta suffered a weekend power outage brought about by a fire in an underground service tunnel.

  • Fire Suppression Companies – Protecting Rail Applications

    Any type of fire on a railway or at a train station can cause major disruption, so it is important for operators to choose fire suppression companies who have the right expertise to put out any blaze as soon as it starts. Firetrace systems are highly versatile and can protect a whole range of rail applications, protecting passengers and services.

  • Fire Suppression System – Campervan Protection

    Campervans are a popular way of holidaying both in the UK and when travelling abroad. With celebrities like Jamie Oliver choosing to drive these vehicles, they are increasingly seen as a cool way to travel. Motorhomes represent a major investment and a treasured possession, but they can be at risk of fire, so it is important to protect them with a suitable fire suppression system.
  • Fire Suppression Systems – Boosting Safety in Factories

    The growth in the use of machinery for all kinds of processes has brought great benefits in terms of productivity, cost savings and efficiency. However, it also brings with it safety risks including those of a machine catching fire, or – in more extreme cases – an explosion. Fitting fire suppression systems is a responsible approach taken by employers who want to ensure the safe operation of factory or agricultural machinery and to reduce fire risks as much as possible.
  • Fire Suppression Systems for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

    Wheelchair accessible vehicles bring independence to many disabled people, but it is important to guard against the risk of fire. This is even more critical for WAVs than for other cars or vans, because it is likely to take longer for a disabled driver or passenger to get out in the event of a fire. Expert fire suppression system installers Firetrace Ltd can provide vital protection for your vehicle and give you peace of mind.
  • Firetrace - It’s A No Brainer

    Find out in the words of Julian Hollands, director of Suffolk VW Camper Ltd, how Firetrace’s vehicle fire suppression system prevented a major engine fire breaking out in his treasured renovated VW campervan.

  • Firetrace and The 52 Express Project Update

     Over the last few years we have been privileged to be involved with the 52 Express project. The objective of the project is to bring the Motorcycle World Land Speed Record to the UK.

  • Firetrace Included on Channel 4's Guy Martin Documentary

    A Local Suffolk business’ product is to be featured this Sunday on North One Television’s special documentary along with Guy Martin.

  • Firetrace Ltd at Alive and V-Dubbin 2019

    Firetrace are pleased to announce their sponsorship of Alive & V-Dubbin show for the 2nd year in a row. 
  • Firetrace to Attend Retro Dub Suffolk VW Festival

    Firetrace's project manager and resident campervan expert Mark Piper is looking forward to attending Retro Dub Suffolk's VW festival in September. 

  • Firetrace, Two Lads, a Nissan Micra and the Mongol Rally

     Occasionally we get involved in unusual projects and this certainly is one of them. Recently we were asked to fit a vehicle fire suppression system to an old Nissan Micra which is currently being driven across Europe and Asia by two daring lads. 

  • Industrial Fire Suppression Systems – Five Key Factors

    Fitting quality industrial fire suppression systems is a vital safeguard for any factory or plant. As well as protecting your staff from fire risk it also protects your expensive machinery and equipment and the surrounding premises.

  • New Fire Requirements for Coaches and Buses

    Historically, in the UK bus and coaches were not required to have fire suppression systems fitted. It was at the discretion of the coach operators whether such systems were installed on their vehicles. This changed in July when an amendment of the European UNECE Regulation 107 became mandatory.

  • Vehicle Fire Suppression – Agricultural Machinery

    Farm fires are a constant threat to the agricultural industry, with insurance experts saying they could be costing businesses up to £100 million a year. Fires in machinery are one of the main causes of risk, so it is essential to protect combine harvesters, tractors and other farm machines with suitable vehicle fire suppression systems. Firetrace’s equipment is ideal for safeguarding farm vehicles and machinery.

  • Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems - The 52 Express

    Firetrace has many years experience designing and installing vehicle fire suppression systems, and we are used to our systems being installed on many types and sizes of vehicles such as campervans, tractors and combine harvesters. However, we were recently asked to design a system for an unusual vehicle – The 52 Express.

  • Why Choose Firetrace Fire Suppression Systems for Your Vehicle ?

    If vehicles are essential to your business, or if you work in a hazardous environment it is likely that you may be considering installing vehicle fire suppression systems to protect your business from the impact of fire damage.