Refills and Service Exchange

Here at Firetrace® we recognise the importance of maintaining equipment at the lowest possible cost to our customer. Our service exchange programme does just that. We offer a brand new system at a reduced cost (subject to conditions) to enable you to keep fire suppression cover downtime to a minimum. 

TraceTrace Remote Monitor

Connected to one of our pressure switches, TraceTrace can detect a loss of pressure or discharge and will  email you and send an SMS the moment there is a problem. We will also receive an email and SMS so we can monitor the unit remotely and contact you in the event of an alarm for additional peace of mind.

Pressurising Equipment

Our design criteria require the Trace Detection tube to be pressurised before Firetrace® systems are commissioned. We recommend the use of Nitrogen due to its behaviour with temperature. We can supply or loan* a pressurising kit (*subject to conditions) to enable the pressures required by our systems to be reached in the Trace detection tube.

Pressure Switches and Sounders

We have a range of volt free pressure switches which, when connected to our Firetrace® systems, can interact with local alarm systems, BMS systems, machine shut down or our stand alone self contained alarm sounders.

Manual & Electronic Activation

This optional extra allows the end user or machine operator to activate the Firetrace system before the fire is detected by our trace tube. Can only be used on Indirect systems ONLY.