DPP 0014.2Although Firetrace is a fixed fire suppression system there is always the possibility it may be inadvertently isolated during routine maintenance of the equipment it is protecting. This will render it useless in the event of fire.
Our latest addition to the Firetrace product family helps to alleviate these issues.
The Status Indicator Module clips discretely to the side of the Firetrace valve like a limpet.
Even the wiring is simple:
Blue - Common
Green - Automatic

DPP 0234.2Red - Isolated


With a maximum current rating of 500mA, the Status Indicator Module should be suited to most Building Management Systems   (BMS)  - computer based system that controls a property’s mechanical and electrical equipment such as lighting and air vents.

If no such system is available, our TraceTrace monitoring system can be connected or our indicator box containing LED’s can be installed close by. 

The Firetrace® Solution

This clever little gadget sits neatly on the side of the valve body.
It provides two sets of clean contacts that can be connected to a BMS, or we can supply an additional box, with two LED’s, to indicate whether the system valve is turned on or off.
 DPP 0248.2
The business ends, the parts which do the work, are the magnets and reed switches incorporated into the casing.
As there are no electrical connections exposed at the valve end, the connections are intrinsically safe. As the valves only contain moving parts for commissioning the system, the system isolation module should never fail. All you need to provide is an electrician to connect the module to an alarm system.