For customers wishing to carry out fire suppression systems installations themselves, we recommend attendance at our free training course.

Courses are held here at our Ipswich facility. Course dates are variable and are normally arranged to suit the delegates schedule.

We like to start the courses at 10.00am and duration is 4 – 5 hours depending on questions etc. 

However, if you are arriving the previous night and are the only attendee an earlier start may be possible.

A light lunch is included!!

During the course, the attendees will be issued with a training manual and at the end a certificate of attendance, both of which are theirs to keep. Individuals name are then kept on a register for our records.

The course starts with the Firetrace video before concentrating on the manual which refers to not only the different types of fire suppression systems available but also design layouts, commissioning procedures, applications, installation & servicing!

This is followed by some “hands on” practical commissioning of actual systems.

Finally, a question and answer session although attendees are free to ask any questions as they arise during the course.

If you wish to travel the day prior to the course we can recommend various accommodations depending on your requirements.

You should be aware that the course is open to employees from other companies for our convenience.

If you are aware of a specific project you wish to discuss please forward any relevant information prior to your arrival.

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