Firetrace Stops Fires Where They Start

What is Firetrace the System?

The principle is a simple self-activating fire suppression system that offers the widest versatility and is absolutely safe against malfunction, which results in the best cost-performance ratio. It does not rely on any complex electronics or any moving parts.

Firetrace employs a flexible detection and delivery system called Firetrace Tubing. The tubing is manufactured from specially processed polymer materials to achieve the desired heat detection and delivery characteristics.

How Does Firetrace Work?

The Firetrace Tubing, which is pressurized, is placed within an enclosed area above potential fire hazards and secured in place with fixings provided. Extinguishing mediums can be matched to the particular application. Various system sizes are available.

The Direct Firetrace system discharges the extinguishant directly from the burst hole in the tube, this will be the closest point to the fire, and will allow the fastest extinguishing time and minimum spread of the fire.

The Indirect Firetrace system discharges the extinguishant into the protected area via plumbed diffusers that are initiated by the Firetrace tube bursting.

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The Advantages of the Firetrace System

  • Firetrace automatic fire suppression systems do not need any external energy or power supply. This makes it cost effective as no electrical installation or wiring is required. The Firetrace system is always operative even during energy break down. The various methods of installation of the Firetrace automatic detection tube allow adaptation to almost any object or fire risk that requires protection.

  • The simple design of the Firetrace automatic fire suppression system allows for a minimum of maintenance work. There is a greatly reduced risk of malfunction because there are virtually no moving parts, which reduces the risk of false alarms. The Firetrace automatic detection tube is capable of working even when contaminated with oil, dust and debris as long as the contamination will allow heat to pass through to the tube.

  • Vibrations or similar disturbances minimally affect the Firetrace automatic fire suppression system since there are no mechanical function mechanisms or electric contacts, unlike traditional higher cost systems.
  • The maintenance of Firetrace automatic fire suppression systems is necessary to ensure system reliability, and the periodic discharge requirements are comparable with standard portable fire extinguisher. In comparison to traditional automatic fire suppression systems Firetrace is inexpensive to install and because of the simple design it does not require specialist equipment or highly trained installers.

  • Continuous development and testing of Firetrace components enables us to offer BAM approved High Pressure Firetrace systems, suitable for C02 and all other high pressure applications. It should be noted that any automatic, remote or high-risk installation should have automatic fire protection. Firetrace has the ability to provide this automatic protection. The examples of areas that could benefit from a Firetrace installation are vast and the additional market opportunities are virtually unlimited. The price performance relationship is cost effective and opens up many new markets.

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Choosing Low or High Pressure Firetrace® Systems

Low Pressure Systems

Our most popular range within the Firetrace automatic fire suppression products are the Low Pressure Systems. These can either be direct or indirect.

Low Pressure System

High Pressure Systems

Our high pressure automatic fire suppression products range. Like their Low Pressure counterparts, our High Pressure Systems can either be direct or indirect.

High Pressure System