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The History of Firetrace

Firetrace was first invented by Dave Melton in the mid 1980’s when he realised that linear detection tubing offered more reliability, flexibility and simplicity compared to traditional detection methods. The product was further developed over the next few years, and underwent a rigorous test programme when the system was used to protect a petrol vehicle racing across the Sahara desert in the Paris Dakar rally.

Following this successful test Firetrace was then showcased on the BBC Tomorrow’s World programme in 1990 and then was subsequently featured on BBC Top Gear soon afterwards.

This exposure generated a large amount of interest in the product and by the mid 1990’s Firetrace was being used to protect numerous risks including vehicles, electrical enclosures and laboratory fume cabinets.

The Firetrace concept soon spread around the world and a license was granted to Firetrace International USA to sell the products on a global scale. By 2005 the International sales became so large that the product rights were purchased and Firetrace Limited and Firetrace International became separate companies. Both companies still exist today with Firetrace Limited now concentrating solely on the UK & Ireland market.

There are now over 80 000 Firetrace systems supplied in the UK alone, and in excess of 250 000 around the world. Firetrace systems continue to be the preferred choice for a multitude of applications and further enhancements of the valves and principals now mean that the potential applications are almost endless.


Dave Melton - Founder of Firetrace Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

“Firetrace fire suppression system in my opinion is a no brainer piece of kit. Firetrace offers value for money, knowledge, great after sales service and are all round nice people." - VW Campervan installation